Virtual Food Drive

Register your TEAM

If your organization or business starts a team, you can then challenge a competing business to beat or match your fundraising efforts.
More about how to register your team
Teams are a way to organize a group of folks raising money for a given campaign. Teams have a Team Captain who creates the team and can invite other members to join his team and donate to the campaign.  These donations then count towards the team totals.

  1. To begin, click on the button link to Get Started and then on the campaign page click the “start fundraising” button.
  2. You will then have the choice to start a new team, join an existing team or donate as a separate member.
  3. You will need to register on the website with your name and email and can include your organization.  Be prepared with an image or avatar for your team that you can upload that is 250px by 250px in size.  This will easily identify your team in the leaderboards.
  4. New Teams will be automatically approved and will start to show up on the campaign leaderboard.  You will then have the opportunity to invite members of your team by including their emails.  Don’t worry, you will also get an email with a link that you can use to invite more people later.
  5. You will have your own team page you can direct friends and family to so they can join your team and contribute a donation to the cause.


GIVE Donations

Send your team the link to signup and give their donation. You can watch your standings on the leaderboard and challenge other groups to see who can raise the most funds.
How to reach your team goals
There are lots of ways to grow your team and raise funds.

  1. Invite your coworkers, team members to join your team by sending them the link to your team page that was sent to you by email when you registered.
  2. Once they have joined your team they can donate and the funds will count towards your team goals.
  3. Each team member can also be a fundraiser and invite their family to donate through their own profile.
  4. The team captain will be notified when new members join his team or donate.
  5. Watch your team move up the ranks in the leaderboard as you grow your team and get closer to your goal.


Fill the FOOD Bank

All the donations from the teams are used to buy food items for the food bank and for the Christmas Hampers that are given out every year to those who sign up.
Your donations will be used locally.
All donations accepted on our website will be used for the local food bank here in Prince George.

You and your team members can rest assured that your efforts will help to improve or change the lives of those less fortunate.  Nationally this year, food banks are seeing an increase in applications for those in need.


Reasons to Join our Food Drive Campaign

How Does it Work

A virtual food drive is a fundraiser that happens 100% online, so you don’t need to lug cans to a collection box. Instead, you set up an online fundraising page with Salvation Army PG and then ask friends and family to contribute. Donations are completed in minutes, and every donor receives a receipt via email and then an official tax receipt by regular mail.

You can host a get together to start your food drive.  Or if you are having a food drive at your workplace you can have your coworkers form teams and the team captains will be responsible for sending out the email notice for his team to donate.  The program will keep track of the donations and let you know whose team is ahead in the standings.

Virtual Food Drive

Tax Receipt

This counts as a regular charitable donation and you will be sent a tax receipt.


We will be promoting the campaign on social media and following the teams as they compete.


Display Certificate

All teams will get a certificate of participation and thanks for their contribution to the campaign and the community.

Team Building

This is a great opportunity to do some team building in your organization or if you are are a school or community group.

Grand Prize or Gift

There will be a prize for the best fundraising team and of course the bragging rights for this year’s campaign.

Give Hope

Your service will give hope to others who have less and ensure that we can continue our mission in the community.

The food bank has helped to feed the marginalized people we serve every week. As a small, grant funded organization, we do not get much monies to purchase food. We do our best to feed everyone who comes through our doors and the food bank helps us to have food available to feed those living or working close to or on the streets.

Jan from New Hope

Service Provider

When my husband fell ill and needed to be tube fed, the cost was way too expensive. Accessing the food bank has given us both access to food. I puree the fruits and vegetables for him and I too get to eat healthy. It shouldn’t be a choice whether he gets fed or I do, but that was how we were living. Now I don’t have to choose.


Food Bank Guest

The Salvation Army has helped me in many ways, not just with food. It has given me the strength to wake up and given me something to look forward to in my day. I started volunteering because I don’t have much support and coming here, seeing the smiles of the workers and hearing words of encouragement, gives me hope every day. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t come here.


Food Bank Guest and Volunteer

Salvation Army Food Bank

We give without measure or obligation, without pity or judgment, but with love, and compassion, for a hurting world.