Registration - Adopt A Family 2018

This Registration is for those interested in PROVIDING Christmas hampers, not for those who seek TO RECEIVE hampers.

To receive a hamper, please call 250-564-4000 or email for more information.

Thank you for considering Adopt a Family for this holiday season. Bringing HOPE to families in the form of food and gifts is a great way to support your community and the families who are in need this year.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.
Once filled in, the Registration Form will be sent directly to staff for processing.

1. What is the responsibility of a Sponsor?

At a minimum, Sponsors must provide the following:

  • One “Big” gift AND at least two “small” gifts per child.

  • At least one small gift for each adult.

  • A gift card for meat from a local grocery store- this is for a turkey or a ham

  • Food for their Holiday meals, non-perishable items only as we will not have access to refrigeration.

Sponsors can choose to provide more food or gifts to their Match, at their discretion.

2. How much will it cost?

The chart below provides for an approximate guideline of cost.

Adopt a Family 2018 Cost Guidelines

Food Cost Guidelines Gift Cost Minimums
Family Size Food Meat Gift Card
Total Gifts per child Gifts per adult
1 $100.00 $35.00 $135.00 1 "big" 1 "small"
2 $125.00 $35.00 $160.00 2 "small"  
3 $150.00 $35.00 $185.00 Total $100 Total $30
4 $175.00 $35.00 $210.00    
5 $200.00 $35.00 $235.00    
6 $225.00 $35.00 $260.00    
7 $250.00 $35.00 $285.00    
8 $275.00 $40.00 $315.00    
9 $300.00 $40.00 $365.00    
10 $325.00 $40.00 $390.00    
11 $350.00 $40.00 $390.00    
12 $375.00 $40.00 $415.00    
Enter a Company or Family name.
Please both a first and last name.

3. How is a Match made and how long until I receive a Match?

  • Families will apply for hampers weekly beginning Nov 2nd
  • matches are made based on your Preferences (see below)
  • AAF Registrations are prioritized based on the date your Registration was received
  • We will do our best to match you up within 2 weeks of receiving your Registration however, please be patient as there is only one person processing the Matches and Sponsors outweigh Applicants until the 3rd week of November
  • Once a match is made an Agreement will be emailed for you to read, sign and send back - this is mandatory
  • Along with the Agreement, you will also be provided with gift and food suggestions
  • Drop off dates are Dec 14 & 15, 2018
  • Every Sponsor will receive a Match


4. Who do I contact for more information?

Terra Laflamme, Community Ministries Supervisor

Phone: 250-564-4000, ext 224 - leave a message!

Email is preferable -

You can also contact the main office at 250-564-4000, ext 0

Please note: Terra will do her best to respond to your requests, comments and concerns in a timely manner, however your patience is appreciated and please allow her one to two business days to reply- email is the preferable correspondence.

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