Virtual Food Drive

Start a team fund raising effort at your workplace

Reasons to Join our Food Drive Campaign

Tax Receipt

This counts as a regular charitable donation and you will be sent a tax receipt.


We will be promoting the campaign on social media and following the teams as they compete.


Display Certificate

All teams will get a certificate of participation and thanks for their contribution to the campaign and the community.

Team Building

This is a great opportunity to do some team building in your organization or if you are are a school or community group.

Grand Prize or Gift

There will be a prize for the best fundraising team and of course the bragging rights for this year’s campaign.

Give Hope

Your service will give hope to others who have less and ensure that we can continue our mission in the community.

How Does it Work

A virtual food drive is a fundraiser that happens 100% online, so you don’t need to lug cans to a collection box. Instead, you set up an online fundraising page with Salvation Army PG and then ask friends and family to contribute. Donations are completed in minutes, and every donor receives a receipt via email and then an official tax receipt by regular mail.

You can host a get together to start your food drive.  Or if you are having a food drive at your workplace you can have your coworkers form teams and the team captains will be responsible for sending out the email notice for his team to donate.  The program will keep track of the donations and let you know whose team is ahead in the standings.

Virtual Food Drive