Pandemic Response Level 2 In the Food Bank

POSTED: Mar 19, 2020
  1. To be enforced at the door, all people entering the Food Bank MUST wash their hands with soap and water. Reminders of proper cough etiquette and not touching your face.
  2. Staff and Volunteers are required to:
    • Increase the sanitizing procedures to include at least twice/hour disinfecting of all touch surfaces/door handles
    • Clean and disinfect the washroom at least 3x/day
    • Use gloves when touching open food product
  3. We WILL continue to provide:
    • Food services for card holders
    • Food Bank cards
    • Clothing vouchers for essential use, case by case
    • Food services for Service Providers
    • Pet Food, when available
    • Phone call follow ups
  4. We WILL NOT provide:
    • All other vouchers and non-essential clothing vouchers
    • Seasonal programming
  5. Food Service Delivery
    • Food Bank hours remain the same
    • The Grocery Sheet will be filled out by staff and will be simplified
    • A minimum of 10 points must be spent at a time
    • Guests are asked to come to the Food Bank ONCE/week for the duration of the Pandemic
  6. Waiting Room Measures
    • Chairs spread 1 metre apart
    • Up to 10 people will be allowed in the Food Bank at a time
    • 2 people at the counter at one time

*** Service times and delivery are subject to change without notice by management at all levels of Pandemic protocol. ***

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