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Recycling Depot Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 4:00pm (closed all holidays)

*We no longer accept mattresses* 

Donate your household items to us!

Revenues support the Food Bank and other programs we offer.

Please sort your donations according to category - this will help us to server you quicker.

Textiles: Clothing, Linens, Sheets, Hats, Scarves, Blankets, Pillows, towels, cloths, etc. (No scraps, or shredded material.) These can be torn, ripped, stained, or worn out - but must be clean.

Shoes: Boots (no winter felt pack types, ski or Boarding), Shoes, Sandals (no Flip-Flops), Runners, etc. (No slippers or skates). These do not need to be wearable. If possible, please have shoes paired, tied together with an elastic band. This saves us a lot of time digging through the bag/box and pairing them up!

Accessories: Purses, Bags (not luggage), Back Packs, Belts.

Electronics: If it comes from a home and has a cord or a battery (and does not contain coolant), we take it! Items in working order will be sold in our thrift stores. Please mark broken electronics, so we know to send them away for recycling.

Please bundle each kind of donation into its own separate bag or box and label it.

Acceptable Items:

  • Good Resalable Clothing
  • Clothing to recycle (please bag separately and tag it for recycling)
  • Household Items
  • Resalable Furniture ( except particle board)
  • Resalable Electronics
  • Recyclable Electronics (ex. any broken or damaged household electronic that do not contain coolant)
  • Burnt out Light Bulbs
  • Recyclable metal
  • Toys and Sports 
  • Recyclable Light fixtures

Items we do not accept:

  • Dirty or Torn Furniture
  • No Particle Board Furniture or Entertainment Centres or Large Computer Desks
  • Home Renovation products, sinks, flooring, trim
  • Mattresses
  • Encyclopedia's, books
  • Large Kid Toys
  • Baby Furniture
  • Brief Cases
  • Flip-Flops
  • Slippers
  • Odd Shoes
  • Stuffed Toys (No stuffed toys as per health regulations
  • Small scrap material 
  • Any appliance that uses a refrigerant (Air conditioners, water coolers, fridges, freezers, etc.)

Please help our team be as efficient as possible by sorting your donated  items by category. 


Thank you, for supporting The Salvation Army and its work in Prince George.