Teaming Up for the Community

For Individuals

  1. Record yourself demonstrating a healthy practice, an act of hope, or an act of heart for your community.
  2. Post your video on Facebook. Be sure to hashtag #HopeHeartHealth challenge and use the HopeHeartHealth camera frame.
  3. Challenge three friends to the #HopeHeartHealth challenge.
  4. Pick up your lawn sign today by donation at the Food Bank (off Nicholson Street).

Promote the #HopeHeartHealth Social Challenge on your own social media accounts like facebook, twitter and instagram using the template.

Use the #HopeHeartHealth Facebook frame on your profile photo. You can also use #HopeHeartHealth camera frame when using Facebook’s camera.

Facebook Profile image

For Businesses

  1. Download the poster / sign, add your logo and post it on your door, window or even mount it to the building.
  2. Challenge 3 more businesses to the #HopeHeartHealth challenge.
  3. Take a picture of your poster or sign and post it to Facebook with the tag #HopeHeartHealth
Salvation Army Thrift Store

Lawn Sign – Teaming Up for the Community

Our Teaming Up for the Community lawn sign is a great way to show your heart for the community. Proudly display your support for all of the #hopehearthealth in Prince George.  Your donation of $5.00 or more will help support The Salvation Army’s CoVid19 response.

Members of the local Rotary Clubs of Prince George are pleased to deliver your lawn sign. Please complete the order form with Name, Address, Phone Number and email address. Thanks for Teaming Up for the Community!

Salvation Army Thrift Store

We give without measure or obligation, without pity or judgment, but with love, and compassion, for a hurting world.