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CKPG Miracle on Third

Dec 3, 2022 | events, feature

After weeks of preparation and a day full of fun the Miracle on Third event has come and gone.

This holiday season, the stations of Pattison Media in Prince George were  proud to be supporting the Salvation Army of Northern BC. On Thursday, December 1, from 7am to 6pm, 101.3 The River, 993 REWIND Radio and CKPG TV were LIVE from the temporary drive thru beside our building.

Hundreds if not thousands of people came through the temporary Drive through with Donations that were either non-perishable food items, Hygiene products or financial donations.

While the weather may have dove down into the negative thirties those involved with Miracle on Third say they stayed warm just talking with those who came by.

“It’s always heartwarming for us to see that and the support we get from the community,” said Roy Law. “You can’t thank them enough.”

“Thank you to everybody who stopped by to make a donation to Miracle on Third and support the Salvation Army,” said Maj. Neil Wilkinson.

An incredible $8000 and 1000 pounds in food, toys and other items were donated for the Salvation Army.  All donations raised stay right here in our community.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit Miracle on Third this week but still want to support the Salvation Army you can donate online by visiting SAPG. ca.