Recycling & The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has always believed in Recycling, starting as early as the Household Salvage Brigades that went door to door in England, collecting reusable household items and clothing and redistributing it to those in need.

Clothing: We will take any textiles or clothing items. If they are in good condition, we send them to our thrift store. At the thrift store we sell the clothing as well as any household items and furniture at reasonable prices. The clothing and textiles that can not be sold in the store gets baled and bundled for sale to reputable recyclers.

Household Goods & Appliances: We will take anything with a cord. TV's, coffee makers, toasters, computers, vaccum cleaners, microwaves - you name it. We also take battery operated household items, such as handheld tools, children's toys, and clocks. We are one of only a few recycling centers in Prince George that accept all light bulbs. We also take household batteries 

Electronics: We take all electronic items. This includes computers, cell phones, printers and keyboards. We also take cameras and calculators.

If you have any further questions please call the donations depot at 250-564-4000 ext 231.