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Jamming and Canning

Oct 11, 2022 | Story

What is jamming and canning? This is a partnership between the Salvation Army and the EAT Canning Circle, where EAT does all the work and our guests reap some benefits! The EAT Canning Circle, a local group here in Prince George, collects from our food recovery some of the fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be going to “farm” and turns these into yummy preserves such as jam and applesauce. Here is the amazing part, once they have made the canned goods, they bring them back to The Salvation Army Food bank to be given away to our guests! Any one of our guests can access this program which allows them to select up to two jars of jam at a time and replacing them as needed by simply returning the empty jar to the food bank. There is a $5 deposit required which is returned once the guest returns their empty jar and informs us they no longer want to participate in the program.

The selection of canned goods varies as it is based on fruits and vegetables that were available. The Canning Circle also makes some sugar free products which is great for those guests who need to watch their sugar intake.
If you want more information about becoming a recipient or being a part of the canning process, please contact us at the food bank.