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100th Anniversary Newsletter

May 18, 2021 | Story

This year, the Prince George Corps is celebrating its 100th year of service in the community – and there is much to celebrate! God has demonstrated His faithfulness time and time again in the lives and ministry of the officers, soldiers, adherents, friends, and volunteers serving in the community. Unlike the imposing beauty of a great building or the timeless shapes of a bronze statue, God has memorialized His faithfulness in the hearts and lives of people. For example, Beth* is a retired health care worker. She retired early because of her own health care concerns, but found that she had trouble filling her days with meaningful activities – after all, you can only play solitaire so many times in one day. Beth came to The Salvation Army to explore how she can volunteer her time and make a difference in the community at the same time. Now, Beth spends three days per week volunteering in the food bank, repackaging bulk food items for distribution to households in need. “Even though I don’t get to see the faces of the people that we are supporting, I find so much joy in knowing that the work that I am doing is changing lives . Best of all, The Salvation Army makes provisions for my disability so that I can serve every week.”

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